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Fixed News

Fixed Gear Bicycles

Fixed Gear Bicycles

February 27, 2019

This article aims to educate riders who might not understand why the heck you'd want to pedal DOWN a hill ...

It's not just a new bike, it's a whole new sport. Your first few pedal strokes riding fixed cement this fact. You cannot stop pedalling. Fast legs? Fast bike. Slow those pedals down and the bike will follow suit. Being connected to the road like no other style of riding, affords you a new sense of control over your shredder and with some practice - can get super fun!


Because of this connectedness to the road, if you stop your legs entirely while riding, your back wheel will lock up. This, we affectionately call, a SKID (duh?) and once mastered can be thrown around corners and become either a drift, carve or whip. It's a manoeuvre that might seem difficult at first, but once you've got it, you'll be ripping through tyres with a big fat grin. 


A track stand gets its name from the velodrome.  It's technique used by track cyclists prior to starting, or as a tactic in track sprinting whereby riders will initially ride very slowly and manoeuvre across the track in an effort to get their rival to take the lead so that they can then slipstream behind. You can track stand a geared bike, usually with help of a hill or your brakes. A fixed gear bike is quite a lot more fun to master. Because you can now pedal backward, you're able to rock the bike back and forth using your legs with your front wheel at about a 45 degree angle. Rock forward - go right, rock backward go left. You are now balancing a two wheeled bike, at standstill, with both feet on the pedals. 

FISH AND CHIPS (and flatland tricks)

With more control over the drive train, the bike has the ability to do some pretty rad tricks. Fish and Chips being one that's a beast to master. You're using your exploit on the drive train and some clever inertia management to take the bike 360 degrees with steez. 

The possibilities are endless and you can get really creative. These are just a few highlights and the pit goes much deeper. Fixed gear wheelies are the only real wheelies, right? 🤘

All our builds come with both a freewheel cog and a fixed gear cog. We have heaps of ratios to choose from for fixed. 

Yeah, you'll still pedal down hills - but you'll be having a blast doing it! 

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