Fixie Rentals

Explore Cape Town like a real local on a modern single speed bicycle from Rook Cycles. 

R300 full Day 
R150 half Day
R60 Night Ride (with the RC Team)

+ R300 Deposit

How it works:

  • Pull in to our bike shop at 295 Long Street to check what we've got available
  • Fill in the disclaimer form on our iPad
  • Pay your rental fee + deposit at the checkout
  • We'll take a copy of a valid ID 
  • Return the bicycle to us before 5pm
  • Unfortunately no overnight rentals
  • Saturdays are Half Day Only (return by 1pm)
  • Sundays are closed

Register Here. 

If you're unable to get it back to us by 5pm / 1pm Saturdays you'll forfeit your deposit.