Hello, We're Rook

Rook is here to change the way you see cycling: More fun, more attitude, less hassles. Road bicycles are either way too serious or way too complex. We firmly believe when you strip away all the excess, you're left with a ride that's pure, beautiful and challenging but most of all, fun.

Learning to ride fixed is almost like learning to ride all over again. Once you're fixed you're hooked and won't want to ride any other way. You're connected to the road through the drive train. Your leg movements directly translate into speed or skid and we think it's the most fun you'll ever have on 2 wheels. 

We're obsessed with great design and craftsmanship and it shows in each Rook bicycle we ship. We've meticulously selected components that will last and designed frames that not only look great but will ride great too.

Founded in Cape Town, South Africa where an outdoor lifestyle is interwoven with an urban backdrop. Your Rook will fit right next to your climbing gear or skateboard collection and will be your ride of choice to beat traffic every time!