As with any action sport, cycling comes with its own set of risks that could result in damage to property, injury to others, personal injury and/or even death. The risks are increased when riding brakeless and the rider should proceed with utmost caution if brakeless riding is pursued. Always wear a helmet and adhere to the rules of the road. Rook Cycles (PTY) LTD , it's partners and associates will not be held responsible for any injury, damage to property or death what-so-ever that may occur when riding or using any of our products due to circumstance resulting from but not limited to: negligence, product failure, negligent advice, improper assembly or any other matter related. By riding a Rook bicycle, using a Rook product or purchasing anything from Rook Cycles (PTY) LTD, you are doing so completely at your own risk. We encourage you to do so carefully and safely. By using any product sold by Rook Cycles (PTY) LTD , you agree to this disclaimer.