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Say hello to Super 73®️


Super 73® is an electric motorbike designed from the ground up! Not just a bicycle with a battery pack strapped to the frame - this rugged all terrain frame puts the battery front and center and totally relooks the way an electric bicycle should be

Developed by Lithium Cycles in California, the Super 73® range is ready for adventure and will get you around all day on a single charge. Rook Cycles is the South African Super 73® partner.



Super73®️ Frequently asked questions

SA legislation is pretty loose on electric bicycles. At this time we are offering the EU standard which is pedal assisted. You need to pedal in order to activate the motor. This means your Super73 is classified as a bicycle and does not need a licence and affords all the same perks bicycles do. Parking is legal almost anywhere.
The Super73s are hugely popular. If we don't have stock at the shop, you'll need to reserve your new ride on our next production run. Check the product page for order cut-off dates, estimate delivery date and placing your deposit.
Most bicycle shops will be able to service most of the parts on your Super73. Spare parts will be available from Rook Cycles. We recommend an E-bicycle equipped bike shop to service your ride.
Rook Cycles will offer a 30day ride-out warranty. This means your Super73 has been assembled and checked by our workshop and we make sure it's operating as Lithium Cycles designed it to. Over and above that, Rook Cycles will help solve any issues you may have, but it may cost some bucks. Spare parts will be available from Rook Cycles.

We do offer nationwide shipping. 

In simple terms, a 5A charger will charge your battery faster than a 2A charger. The 5 amp (A) charger allows more current to pass to charge the battery. You can use the 2A charger on any battery but the S1 models all come with a 5A charger.
The battery takes anywhere between 3-6 hours to fully charge depending on battery or charger. Leaving your battery plugged in for longer than the charge time needed is not an issue. Your charger has an automatic shut off and the battery will stop accepting a charge once charging is complete.
Pedal Assist automatically turns on the motor when you pedal. With pedal assist you do not need to use a throttle to control the motor.

There are two types of Pedal Assist: Cadence Sensor Type which measures IF you are pedaling and a Torque Sensor Type which measures HOW HARD you are pedaling. The Super 73 S-Series sold in the United States with thumb throttles, as well as the Super 73 SG (Global) has a cadence sensor. The Super 73 SG1, sold outside North America, and doesn't come with a throttle, has a torque sensor.

1. Cadence Sensors

The basic cadence sensor uses a magnet on the crank, it turns the motor ON when you start pedaling and turns it OFF when you stop pedaling. It works more or less like a switch. You control the boost level and speed by adjusting the assist mode manually up and down. 
The advantage is that it's an inexpensive way to get some sort of pedal assist onto the bike, but the disadvantage is that the pedal assistance can feel jerky, laggy and counterintuitive. Also if you want to pedal faster than the motor is spinning, the motor will actively work against your efforts. The Super 73 has this type of sensor as it is most often used with the throttle only.

2. Torque Sensors

The torque sensor is a totally different technology that uses a precision strain gauge. It measures your actual force on the pedal, sampling at 1,000 times per second over the entire pedal stroke. 

The harder you pedal, the more power it gives to the motor. If you pedal lighter, less power goes to the motor. It makes this adjustment in real time so it is technically amplifying your every input. It feels like you are bionic. 

Most all higher-end e-bikes use torque sensors and in some countries, cadence-only sensors are not allowed to be sold. The disadvantage is the cost is significantly higher to implement this technology as the precision component is relatively more expensive.

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