Speed Thrills Cap - Backstory

On the 3rd of December our bike shop was looted. We lost almost everything and the clean up process left our small team devastated. The overwhelming support from the bicycle community is what kept our team motivated to get back to what we do best - build badass bikes. 

This post is a massive shout out to the guys over at Enjoy. They're the wizards behind the scenes who put together our shop riding caps. During the looting we lost heaps of stock of our famous DEAD LAST CAPS and Enjoy have sponsored 50 one off caps with an all original design to help recoup some losses. 

SPEED THRILLS CAPS are super limited editions with only 50 ever being produced. They're a nod to the kak experience our shop endured early December, and a Hi-Five to the entire cycling community! SPEED THRILLS on the flipped peak, and RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT on the side. 

Grab your SPEED THRILLS limited edition cap online or instore and go check out the killer kit at Enjoy. Support them. Like them. And Go buy something. 🤘



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