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Fixed News

Preventing punctures - Avoiding the rupture in the ride

June 21, 2021

“Ooh, vok. Another flat.”

No-one wants to be saying this. And no-one wants to be experiencing the deflating feeling that takes the wind out of the bike tube - especially when it could have been avoided. So, keep in the air in your tyres and a smile in your miles by following a couple of these quick strategies:

Embrace the replace

Sure it might seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many tyres suffer the worst because they’re worn out. Replacing your tyre when it’s worn out isn’t hard, and it can save you and your tubes while out on a ride. 

How do you know when a tyre needs replacing? Most tyres have indicators - especially on road bikes - and you’ll be able to seen by the thread when a tyre is worn and ready for replacement. If you’re not sure, pop in to see us and we’ll be able to tell you - and replace ‘em if needs be! ;)

Is the rim looking grim?

If you’re getting a lot of punctures and your tyre isn’t showing issues, the inside of your rim might be the problem. The rim tape might be damaged or have shifted and could be compromising your tube. Take a cloth and gently feel the around the rim edges, if you feel any flaws they might be your problem area. 

Give the pressure a quick refresher

If you’re cycling with a pressure that’s too high or too low, you’re increasing the chances of a puncture. Check in to see what your tyre pressure should be and keep your tube happy in their sweet spot. They’ll thank you for it - and so will your wallet when you don’t have to pay for a replacement tube unnecessarily. The right pressure also gives you a better ride. Trust us, after cycling on tyres slightly flatter than they should be, you’ll feel like you’re flying.

Tubeless latex = more distance and puncture resistance

Slapping a dash of tubeless latex in your inner tube gives you the benefits of a tubeless tyre without converting it completely. Some liquid latex offers a little more protection to your inner tube and is easy as (1) removing your valve core, (2) pouring in your liquid latex in your inner tube, (3) screwing the valve core in again, and (4) re-inflating the tube. Just like that - protected.

Pick your line and make sure it’s fine

Where possible, avoid riding over any nonsense like gravel, glass or other debris on the road. Puddles might be dope to ride through, but they could be hiding some gnarly potholes that could shred your tender tyre. Picking the right path as much as possible on a ride can keep the grit from messing up your tyres and keep them tubes tight.

When it doubt, we can check it out

If you’re concerned that your tyres are wearing thin and need some TLC, drop us a message or pop in and we can help you out. Got a flat and need to get going again? We’ve got you covered with fresh tyres and tubes too.


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