Keeping it Real 35mm

The Rook Cycles photography is all shot on 35mm film. Yep good old fashioned film, the stuff your mother used to take your embarrassing baby photos. We didn't choose film because we're your local neighborhood hipsters who only listen to vinyl and strictly drink craft - We chose film because of the process. Rook is all about living fast and making your own way, digital would have slowed us down. We would have been able to critique every single shot right then and there, but with film we were forced to have a rad day out shooting and what ever we had developed is what we had to work with. 

The Crew

The trusty finger on the shutter was Dayne Malan. A talented friend of ours who's style is a perfect fit for Rook Cycles. We're super stoked with the results. You can check out his Instagram here :

Models and rock stars on set Ashley and Aviwe - check them out here :
Ashley :
Aviwe :
Shooting B-roll, Josh - check him out here :

Thanks to the team behind the scenes, Rook photography has grit and attitude just the way we like it! 

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