If someone called you a wiener ... you might be slightly annoyed. This is not one of those situations. In fact, although it might sound similar, we're calling you a WINNER. 🌭

This has been crazy difficult, we'd really like to give everyone a bike. But the business people at Rook HQ said that wouldn't fly. In all seriousness, we'd like to get as many people riding as possible and if we could give everyone a new ride, we totally would 🍻

But unfortunately the judges have spoken and winners (*see wieners) have been chosen!

DRUM ROLL.........

Here's the podium. Check your IG inboxes for your unique codes that are redeemable on the online store. (all valid for 6 months)



And some honourable mentions...



Thanks to each and everyone of the entries! You're all welcome at Rook HQ anytime for a cold brew or demo a new ride. ❤️


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