Wind is looking pretty good for Sundays' DAZE OUT. 🤘 We'll most prob head out to Muizenberg, starting at Rook Cycles 10am. Grab some lunch and a swim ( not in that order are you crazy?! You'll drown!) and head back. Roughly 30kms there, 30kms back.

Rough Route: 

What to bring:

  • Your Bike
  • Your Legs
  • Water / Beer
  • Swimming Pants / Boobie top
  • Moolah for food / drink 
  • Sunnies 
  • A wind breaker 
  • Spare Tube

Basically prepare for a day on the bike 🚲 (with a boozey lunch in the middle) 🍻

NOTE: this is NOT a tour. It's a day out among friends and new friends. It's totally free and totally at your own risk. 😉 All bikes welcome.



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