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Fixed News

What the fix?!

What the fix?!

June 06, 2017

"Where's the gears? Where's the brakes?", You might be asking yourself. Single speed fixed gear riding is a different style of cycling. It's challenging, low maintenance but most of all fun! You can ride a bike, but can you ride fixed? 

All Rook Cycles come with a flip-flop rear hub that allows you to ride in coasting free wheel mode - but flip the hub over and you'll be fixed. No freewheel. That's right, you can't stop pedaling! But this also means as you slow your pedal stroke, the bicycle follows suite and you're able to brake and slow down without actually touching your brake lever. Master this and you may have the cojones to remove your brakes all together. Riding fixed allows you to lock your legs and initiate a skiddie. Similar to sliding on a skateboard to stop, you slide your back wheel by locking your legs and drift the whole bicycle. Badassery at it's finest.

It's not easy at first - but trust us, once you're fixed there's no other way to ride. Your whole body is connected to the road. You are in complete control of the inertia.

Founded by two friends, Luke and Lee in Cape Town, South Africa where a outdoor lifestyle is interwoven with an urban backdrop. Both guys come from an adventure sports background. Lee having a rich background in motocross, cycling, climbing and skateboarding. Luke's roots firmly in downhill skateboarding and board riding in general. The two met while skydiving and began tinkering with road bicycles. Eventually they decided that South Africa needed a fresh spin (pun intended) on bicycles and after countless hours of designing, redesigning and sourcing the right suppliers, Rook Cycles was born. 

We're both obsessed with design and quality. This comes from decades of experience with gear that we trust our lives too. Rook Cycles is a product of this obsession and we're stoked to offer beautifully crafted bicycles that don't break the bank and require very little maintenance but at the same time are a blast to ride!



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