Thursday Night Rides - Every Week

Back in the beginning, when we were just a workshop / online store, we hosted a weekly Thursday night ride almost every single week, only missing one or two for weather.  Then we became a real bike shop (lol) and had to stop the rides to focus on building the shop... but now they're back!

Every week we set out a new route around Cape Town. Everyone is welcome and we all meet at the shop around 18h30 setting off at 19h00. 

The routes all differ, with some sections being similar. Usually 15-20kms over about 60-90mins and depending on the rider group: its either chilled or a little bit of a sweater. We'll hit up some parking garages, secret spots and right in the middle of it - The Heli 600!

The Heli 600 is a 600m race around 2 circles near the V&A Waterfront. There's a leaderboard at the shop and each week the winners name is added. 

Example route: (yea we scribble it... Strava doesn't let us plot the non-road sections)


  • All Bicycles Welcome
  • Totally at your own risk 
  • Totally Free
  • 7pm rolling start 
  • Map gets shared on Instagram 
  • Beers at the shop afterwards


Watch our social media channels for cancellations if the weather is looking kak, otherwise is AWN!





Owen Slater

Where can I see, test or buy one of these BIKES? I live in PE.


Where can i test ride this product ?

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