Super 73® SG

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We can ship your ride almost anywhere in South Africa but the Rook-Ride-Out warranty is only available on pick up orders.

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The Super73® SG is the perfect entry-level electric motorbike for anyone looking for fun ready-for-adventure transportation. With a brushless DC hub motor and 48V battery, the Super73 SG will take you up to 30-40 kms with a top speed of 25 kph (limited). The Super73 SG has the cool look and feel of a motorbike but it's as easy to ride as a bicycle.

It comes equipped with a comfortable motorbike seat, a heavy-duty center stand, removable battery for easy charging, and off-road tires for super traction. The adventure is yours on a Super 73 ®!

Super Smooth Ride and Comfort
The Super73® was designed specifically for rider comfort. Its natural riding position and plush motorcycle bench seat make it a pleasure to ride. Plus, the ultra wide 4" pneumatic tires absorb all but the biggest bumps in the road. 

Ride it Anywhere!
The Super73 may look like a small motorbike, but the advantage is that as a street legal pedelec, you can conveniently ride and park anywhere a bicycle can. Traveling? Weighing 30 kgs, you can carry it into a car or train. 

Use any heavy duty bike or scooter lock for your  Super73®. The Battery comes with a set of two keys for locking the power in place. We recommend locking battery in place while riding, to secure it properly, and avoid theft.

Worry-Free Charging
You won't need to wait long between rides. The Super73® battery recharges from empty to a full charge in 3-6 hours (depending on your model). Also, you can unlock your battery and take it with you, so you can leave your bike parked outside, while your battery is recharging inside your office, home, or apartment.